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Surf lessons and courses

  • Introduction

    $ 30 /1,5 hours

    You will learn to stand up on the board, and most importantly - you will understand how much you like it!

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  • First step

    $ 45 /3 hours

    Learning the basics of surfing and deeper understanding of the surfboard.

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  • Individual

    $ 80 /3 hours

    Give yourself to surfing completely! Very effective course in a short amount of time.

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  • For kids

    $ 80 /2 hours

    Special attention to safety and game-based learning. One child - one instructor.

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  • Basic

    $ 120 /3 lessons, 7 hours

    You will learn how to catch a wave and control your surfboard. While learning the general rules, guidelines and conduct in the water.

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  • Advanced

    $ 190 /5 lessons, 12 hours

    You will learn basic surf techniques with even more theory and practice.

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  • Complete

    $ 260 /7 lessons, 17 hours

    In this course you will learn everything you need to become a real surfer. The full package of skills and tips.

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  • Professional

    $ 410 /12 lessons

    There's no limit to perfection! Here you will surf the best waves of Bali

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Lesson includes

Surfboards, clothing, sun protection, mineral water, shower, towels, lockers, $ 10,000 insurance cover, school and hotel transfer . The school has free WI-FI.

What to bring

Swimwear, either swimming suits or swimming trunks. Some money to pay the deposit for the course. We advise you not to consume much alcohol the day before the lesson.

Our schedule

Lessons normally start before noon. You can check the approximate time of the course start in our weekly schedule. Please call the school a day before to find out the precise time of the start.


Theory is taught in the school yard , on the grass in the tree shade. Practical lessons take place in the ocean near the school. There are also lessons that take place on the island spots outside Kuta we will drive you to.


Easy Surf Dacha

Accommodation for surfers. Ideal place to stay for those who want to have fun and learn in the centre of the island's surfing life! Walking distance to the famous Echo Beach.

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Ecosfera Hotel

Ecosfera Hotel lies on one of the world's most famous surfing beaches Echo Beach. Superior rooms within walking distance of the ocean.

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